Some recent press .... The Argus Press Blog Calls McAvoy Contract Into Question (1) (512KB jpg) Blog Calls McAvoy Contract Into Question (2) (127KB jpg) The Flint Journal Ex-Drain Chief Raises $2,000 To Help Fight … [Continue reading]

The Fox In The Henhouse

   Just a few thoughts on county attorney Bonnie Toskey ... First of all, Ms. Toskey signed Margaret's contract. Ok, she's the county attorney ... no big deal. Then she's asked to render a legal opinion on the validity of that … [Continue reading]

Quick Comments On McAvoy Contract

Regarding the McAvoy contract ... In the article in today's Argus, Dawn Phillips Hertz is reported to have said that the question of the contract is open to interpretation of the state statute. "The question is whether (McAvoy) signing the … [Continue reading]

Margaret McAvoy Contract Invalid?

It's possible that Margaret's August 24 contract, which is backdated to March 22, will expire on March 22 2007. The contract is written to be valid through March 22, 2009. This appears to be in violation of state law. The applicable state law … [Continue reading]