Comment spam from – anyone else have this trouble?

I’ve received a cease and desist notice from Debt Consolidation LLC over this comment: The name ‘Layla’ linked to, which makes that comment spam from . I have no experience with debtconsolidation dot com or Consolidation Resource, LLC, but here is an article questioning the legitimacy of Is smoking dope? This […]

Getting started in political blogging

I’m going to be on with Tony later this morning to discuss political blogging. I thought I’d start at the very beginning. What is political blogging, and is it for you? To keep things simple, let’s define political blogging as the act of writing articles about civic affairs. These articles could be editorials designed to […]

AG Bill Schuette using his office as a right wing political tool

I’ll be on First Shift this morning to discuss Bill Schuette’s actions so far as Attorney General. Here’s some of the research I have for the topic: Schuette is using his office to promote a right wing social agenda. Saying that religious liberty is under attack, Schuette announced Thursday plans to make Michigan the […]

Asking for democracy is democracy in action


Say what? Well I was checking out this article on the MLK march on Snyder’s residence, and found this tidbit here: “We elect mayors, we elect city council members, and we would like them to be a part of the process … in terms of rebuilding these urban cities,” Williams said. “We don’t want our […]

‘Choose Life’ plates would fund Right to Life through the Secretary of State


Based on what we’ve seen of Snyder & the GOP legislature so far, this is definitely going to pass: Among the legislation scheduled for review Tuesday by the Michigan Senate Transportation Committee is Senate Bill No. 600, which would require the Secretary of State to develop a plate whose proceeds would support the Right to […]