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Silence For Virginia Tech

Roadies Wanted

DJ Tao is looking for help … this from the forum: I “DJ TAO” is looking for “roadies”… I need “roadies” because I have a Multiple Sclerosis condition which basically has me in a wheel chair 80% of the time but I can still do the DJ performance thing and will continue until I can’t […]

Attorney Grievance Procedure

Mlive’s Flint Journal Extra blog has a nice post on the procedure to file a grievance against an attorney. Read it here.

The Lynne Show – Granholm’s Big Bad Twin

I was just catching up on some of my favorite yet not-frequently-read blogs, when I came upon this post on Lynne’s blog. Seems that Lynne had just rented Stargate SG-1 (one of my favorite shows) … this made me laugh out loud … So far the very best part of the show has been imagining […]