Comment spam from – anyone else have this trouble?

I’ve received a cease and desist notice from Debt Consolidation LLC over this comment:

The name ‘Layla’ linked to, which makes that comment spam from .

I have no experience with debtconsolidation dot com or Consolidation Resource, LLC, but here is an article questioning the legitimacy of

Is smoking dope?

This is from that article:

Debt is a Mystery
A visit to the website for seems to only further the mystery. There is no information about the physical location of the company or who is behind them. If we look at New York, the state where the domain is registered there is no company under the name that is authorized to do business.

That article was written in May of 2012, and Consolidation Resources LLC filed their original paperwork in September 2012. But NRAI and Branded Holdings have been around a bit longer. Of course that doesn’t mean that the current owners of are engaged in any weirdness as described in the article above. We can probably be confident that the comment spam from in 2008 did not come from the current owners.

I get it that the new owners of don’t want to be affiliated with comment spam, or perhaps they don’t want to have incoming links from a political blog. I would have removed the comment spam from quietly if consolidation resources llc had not resorted to bully tactics. It’s not like I want comment spam from on my website.

Your Message
VIA Contact Form

Re: Service Mark Infringement:


This letter is to inform you that your use or your customer’s use of “DebtConsolidation”, “” or linking to via your website, is without the consent of and infringes upon the intellectual property rights of Consolidation Resource, LLC. Consolidation Resource, LLC is the owner of a United States Federal Trademark (Serial No. 85951657). Consolidation Resource, LLC has been using this mark since June 5th 2013. Such use of the mark and corresponding website is without the consent of Consolidation Resource, LLC and is misleading, causing consumers to believe that your website has an affiliation with Consolidation Resource, LLC or

Consolidation Resource, LLC hereby demands that you discontinue use and require all customers to discontinue use of “Debt Consolidation”, “DebtConsolidation”, or links to

We request your immediate attention in removing these links to

Here is the easiest way to remove all comments, which will not only accomplish what we’ve requested but also benefit your site immensely:

1) First, login to your WordPress dashboard.

2) Next, go to the “Settings” tab, and click on “Discussion” – here you will be able to disable commenting on your pages if you’d like to. This will prevent all of these spam comments from appearing.

3) If you simply uncheck “Allow link notifications…” and “Allow people to post comments on new articles”, that’s fine.

4) After that, go to the “Plugins” tab and click “Add New”, then search for “Delete All Comments” – or, to make it easier, here’s a link to that page: Add New Plugin – Delete all comments

5) Here you’ll see a list of plugins that you can install. Simply click “Install Now” underneath the first one, called “Delete All Comments”. Give it a second to load, and click “Activate Plugin” when you see it.

And the last step is to click on the “Tools” tab on the left, and go to “Delete All Comments”. Check the box, and click “Delete All” and that’s it! All the spam is gone from your page.

Another great idea for you is to install the Akismet plugin, which is a little more advanced, but it will prevent almost all spam comments from happening in the future.

The unauthorized use of this mark is in violation of the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of 1999 and is likely to cause confusion, or to cause mistake, or to deceive consumers.

These actions also jeopardize DebtConsolidation’s ability to generate revenue via the internet, and your misuse of the mark tarnishes and lessens DebtConsolidation’s value and effectiveness by associating its mark with the aforementioned sites. Furthermore, you have unjustly benefited through the unauthorized use of the mark through unfair competition and misappropriation.

DebtConsolidation prefers to resolve this matter without taking legal action. However, in the event that you choose not to immediately remove the infringing content and discontinue the infringing behavior, considering the thousands of dollars in damages your actions are causing DebtConsolidation, DebtConsolidation is prepared, if necessary, to protect its rights by escalating this matter to your hosting provider and/or filing a lawsuit against you, seeking: (i) preliminary and permanent injunctions, (ii) money damages, (iii) compensation equal to your profits, (iv) reimbursement for DebtConsolidation’s attorney’s fees (because of your blatant and intentional acts), (v) and compensation for damage to DebtConsolidation’s goodwill.

You are hereby instructed, within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of this correspondence, to remove and/or require that any customer remove any and all links to and/or any deceptive references to Consolidation Resource, LLC’s mark. Your failure to provide such notice and to properly cease and desist will result in this office taking all appropriate legal and equitable action to enforce Consolidation Resource, LLC’s rights, remedies, or causes of action.

Nothing in this letter should be deemed to constitute an admission against interest or a waiver, relinquishment or limitation of any of our client’s rights, claims, interests, defenses or positions in this matter, whether factual or legal or whether at law or in equity. All rights and remedies are expressly reserved.

Govern yourselves accordingly.

Consolidation Resource, LLC

And for anyone who is still reading who may find debt consolidation attractive, I encourage you to avoid services like this. They don’t do anything that you can’t do yourself if you are willing to do the work. Most of these places prey on the poor, though I have no evidence that this one in particular is sleazy. This is just my opinion.

At any rate, the comment spam from has been removed.

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