Asking for democracy is democracy in action

Say what?

Well I was checking out this article on the MLK march on Snyder’s residence, and found this tidbit here:

“We elect mayors, we elect city council members, and we would like them to be a part of the process … in terms of rebuilding these urban cities,” Williams said.

“We don’t want our elected officials to be unilaterally dismissed,” he said. “And that’s the message that we’re sending here today. We ask that you would let the governor know.”

That was the message delivered by Reverend Charles Williams to Dennis Muchmore, Governor Snyder’s chief of staff. 

Washtenaw County Commissioner Yousef Rabhi was also at the protest, and had this to say,

“This is about democracy,” … “That’s what we — the working people of America — have is our democracy,” he said. “And when the governor steps in and tries to take that away, that’s when we’re really going to have a problem, and that’s what folks are standing up here about.”

Other statements express similar concerns regarding the fact that Snyder’s Emergency Managers are destroying our democracy.

Dennis Muchmore responded by saying that Monday’s Occupy for Democracy rally was a great example of “democracy in action.”

I know, right?

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