Getting started in political blogging

I’m going to be on with Tony later this morning to discuss political blogging. I thought I’d start at the very beginning. What is political blogging, and is it for you?

To keep things simple, let’s define political blogging as the act of writing articles about civic affairs. These articles could be editorials designed to persuade, investigative articles that present evidence and/or empirical data, rants, comics, etc. Ultimately the only requirement is that the content of the article addresses something or someone related to policy or politics. Because the act of blogging is largely uncoordinated, unfunded, and is a “bottom-up” style of messaging, political blogging is considered grassroots activism.

So that being said, is this the kind of activism that is for you?

Some of the benefits of blogging as activism:

  • Mobility is not required. People who have tight schedules or who have physical trouble moving around and getting to rallies, meetings, etc., find that blogging is an easy way for them to engage in issues that matter to them.
  • Blogging is low cost. You do not need big up front investments or lots of gas money in order to blog. There are free platforms such as and that allow people to sign up for a blog with a unique name and website address. You can eliminate cost altogether if you can pick up free Internet somewhere.
  • People with a small comfort zone usually feel ‘safer’ blogging. Many people want to be active but they do not want to knock on doors, march in parades, attend events, etc. Blogging allows a person to make a potentially powerful contribution. This is a great option for people who might have otherwise have avoided civic engagement.
  • People who enjoy writing can find that blogging is a great way to launch a second income.

So maybe blogging is for you? Do you know what you’d like to write about?

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